A correlation between the mastery of english complex Sentences and the reading comprehension achievement Of second semester pharmacy students of widya mandala Catholic university 1987,1988 CASE STUDY

Setyawati, . (1988) A correlation between the mastery of english complex Sentences and the reading comprehension achievement Of second semester pharmacy students of widya mandala Catholic university 1987,1988 CASE STUDY. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.

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ABSTRACT Nowadays the ability to understand English text books becomes an essential requirement of university students. Most journals, text-books or references are usually written in English. They all are the source of information to attain knowledge which relates to the students' subject o f learning. As a matter of fact , however, the write r still finds that many Non-English Department students especially i n Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya experience some problems in comprehending their English text-books or other references. This thinking is also supported by other previous graduates and teacher who claim that students of Non-English Department fail to achieve the objective of teaching English to Non-English Department..Looking at the gap between the objective and the , result , the writer wants to make a research' concerning with reading comprehension problem. According to Arunee Wiriyachitra, reading problem is caused by the complexity of sentences found in the reading text . This view inspires the writer to prove whether students.mastery of English Complex Sentences found i n the reading text influences their reading comprehension achievement. From the result of this study, the writer does hope that this thesis may contribute some inputs for the Non-English Department lectures in Widya Mandala University Surabaya, especially t o Pharmacy lectures, in terms of how to develop students reading comprehension skills in attaining some English text-books. In order to get an objective result , the writer makes a quantitative reseapch i n the form of correlation. She administers two kinds of tests, namely: The grammar test to test how far the students are able to use English Complex Sentences and The Reading Comprehension Test to test how far the students understand the reading comprehension text given. To find the correlation of both teats ,the writer uses Pearsons formula of Product Moment Co-efficient Correlation. The pretesting is administered to the second semester Pharmacy students Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya 1987/1988 on July 21, 1988 a t the Auditorium of Widya Mandala University. The real tests are taken to the same students on August 17, 1988 at room B 202 Widya Mandala University. The statistical calculation of both scores shows that the coefficient correlation of both variables in significant level of 95 % is below 0.602 ( the coefficient of table ). This means that there is a significant relationship between students' mastery of English Complex Sentences and their Reading Comprehension Achievement. Furthermore, the findings also inform that the coefficient determination of studentsf English Complex Sentences towards their reading comprehension achievement is 34 % . This prosentage leads us to the conclusion that the other 66 % is influenced by other factors . Looking at this prosentage, the writer makes a conclusion that Non-English Department students should be provided by some skills to understand English Complex Sentences as well as other problems like problem of cohesive device, problem of discourse markers or problem beyond the plain sense. According to Christine Nuttall all those problems can be overcome by making guessing or hypothizing. In order to do this , students should be completed by the.four kinds of meanings first; they are conceptual, propositional, contextual and pragmatic meaning. Having provided with such knowledge, the students now are ready to do the paragraph or discourse analysis. Setyawati

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