The influence of society and surrounding to douglas spauldingi in solving conflicts in Bradbury’s novel “Farewell summer”

Kurniawan, Lisa Martha (2011) The influence of society and surrounding to douglas spauldingi in solving conflicts in Bradbury’s novel “Farewell summer”. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.

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One of the literary forms is novel. The writer is interested in studying novel because novel concerns with people and their problems including feeling, emotions, their behavior, and personality. Second, novel is natural. Novel always presents about the truth that actually happens in life. She chooses Ray Bradbury’s novel entitled Farewell Summer because Ray Bradbury is a famous author and the story contains conflicts in a relationship between younger and older generations which are very interesting to analyze and to find out the background of the conflicts. In her thesis, the writer raises three questions for her analysis. They are: (1) what conflict does Douglas Spaulding get from his surrounding? (2) What does Douglas Spaulding do to solve his conflicts? (3) How do the conditions of the influence Douglas Spaulding to solve his conflicts?. The writer uses literary analysis for the design of the study. The writer using literary analysis to find out the conflicts that the main character get, the way of Douglas Spaulding to solve his conflicts and the influence of the society to Douglas Spaulding to solve his problems. The writer also uses intrinsic approach to focus on the conflicts which the main character and surrounding around the main character. This approach is suitable since it analyzes the elements existing inside the literary work itself (setting, plot, character). Conflicts between Douglas Spaulding and older generations happened because they had different perspective about live. Older generations made many rules and younger generations might to obey. Older generations might to do it because the conditions of America was unstable and they wanted to guide the younger generations into the best way in their life. But, younger generation thought that older generations wanted to take control of their life, they did not think the purpose of the rules. Douglas Spaulding fought against older generations and Calvin C. Bradbury by disturbed them, he tried to kill, he made bombs, and he stole a piece of chess. He used extreme act to fight against them. But after that the society (especially his brother and grandfather) talked with him and gave him understanding, he realized what he had done was wrong and he tried to make his relationship better by acted well to them ,talked and shared each other to find out the best solutions. Talking was the best solution which Douglas Spaulding took. He chose his grandfather and his younger brother (Tom) to talk and share his feeling, his problems and it made him had different way to think and wisely to face his own conflicts or problems. The research and its thesis are still far from being perfect. It is suggested that further research on the same topic be carried out with more modern theories. For the next researchers, the writer hopes that they do not use the same objects as the writer took. The object from the other authors who are older or even younger than the writer took. By taking different authors, the next researchers can find the different object that can be compared in order to gain better results with fewer shortcomings. The conclusion that the writer got from the result above is communication is a simple thing yet very important. Without a good communication, there is not any good relationship among people.

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