The feasibility of the establishment of an English language teacher training center : problems and prospects

Limantoro, Singgih Widodo (2004) The feasibility of the establishment of an English language teacher training center : problems and prospects. Masters thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.

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The teaching of English at high-schools in Indonesia has not been very successful yet (Dardjowidjojo in Nur, 2003: 169). Sadtono (1997) finds out that English proficiency among Indonesians is low due to many factors, such as large class size, lack of instructional resources, poor teacher salaries, and a limited amount of curriculum time for English. Moreover, many of our English teachers have not mastered the language they are teaching. Recent research indicates that many of them are still poor users of the language ( Hamied in Dardjowidjojo, 2000 ) In most cases, English teachers are not familiar with the new curriculum. They use the new books but still apply the old concepts. These are some of the complex problems of the teaching of English in Indonesia. It is also not easy to pinpoint the real causes for those problems. Therefore, the writer would like to propose the idea of establishing an English language teacher training center with new teacher training scheme as one strategy to improve the teaching and learning conditions. For this purpose, the writer conducted a survey to support the feasibility study of the establishment of an ELT training center. He chose public and private senior high-schools in Surabaya as the subjects of this survey. The subjects of this survey consisted of some stakeholders of the establishment of the training center, namely, SMU English teachers, SMU principals, and school-boards/school-committees. This survey used both descriptive and prescriptive methods to see whether this training center project would be feasible or not by comparing the ideal criteria and the survey results. The result of the survey was that the establishment of an ELT training center was not feasible due to financial situation. As seen in the survey results, the majority of the school-boards had no strategic plan to establish a teacher training center, mostly, due to financial. On the other hand, it was theoretically feasible for some senior high-schools in Surabaya if they meet its ideal criteria for it, such as the availability of the strategic plan and the fund for establishing a teacher training center, the potential teacher trainees, the qualified trainers, the best/available time for training, the teaching and learning facilities for teacher training, the teacher performance appraisal, the monitoring and evaluation system, the real trainees' needs towards the activities/programs for teacher training, and the questions of sustainability. Therefore, any school-boards that could fulfill the criteria may establish their own teacher training center to upgrade their teachers. Moreover, the discussion of these survey results also intended to identify/anticipate the potential problems as well as the prospects of this teacher training center project. In addition, he also included the procedures for establishing the teacher training center to support the theory in this study.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Teacher training, feasibility study, problems, prospects, professional development
Subjects: English Education
Divisions: Graduate School > Master Program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Depositing User: Sri Kusuma Dewi
Date Deposited: 29 Aug 2016 09:43
Last Modified: 29 Aug 2016 09:43

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