A study on the theme of Jane Austen's novel : Pride and Prejudice

Chung, Fenny Angraini (1995) A study on the theme of Jane Austen's novel : Pride and Prejudice. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.

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In studying and analyzing a literary work, students do not merely enlarge their vocabulary and grammar. There are many advantages they may gain from studying literature. For example, literature can bring pleasure in their lives so that they may not feel bored because of the monotonous days. Their experience also broadens and deepens for literature communicates important experience. Literature adds their knowledge and outlook on both life and world as well. In order to study literature successfully, students must be able to find out the theme of a literary work for to understand a literary work means to be able to state the theme (Perrine, 1970: 106). In discovering the theme, there is no certain method. Theme can be found by considering several aspects, like considering title and characters. Based on these reasons, the writer conducts the study on Jane Austen's novels Pride and Prejudice with the following questions : (1) what is the theme of this novel ? (2) is the title related to the theme ? and (3) which characters represent the theme ? Here, the writer chooses Jane Austen's novel to be analyzed with the consideration that Jane Austen is regarded as the first and well-known woman writer in English literature (Kooistra and Schutt, 1948:250) and a highest rank artist (Gray, 1966:324) who lived in the Romantic period in eighteenth century. Her outstanding novel is Pride and Prejudice. Her novels are amusing although she takes simple plots and commonplace characters into her novels. It is because she is able to make her readers acquainted with the situation where the actions happen, and is able to present her characters in an interesting and lifelike way that her readers feel as if they lived among them. This thesis concerns with finding the theme in Pride and Prejudice. It is not easy to find the theme of the literary work. The writer uses the intrinsic approach which concerns with the elements existing inside the literary work itself, and the literary analysis which not only divides the literary work into its parts, like theme, characters, plot and setting, but also finds the meaning of its parts and its contribution to the whole. To find the theme, first the writer analyzes the characters, plot and setting, for theme is developed through those elements. After stating the theme, the writer continues to discuss whether the title is related to the theme or not, and at last she discusses which characters represent the theme in Pride and Prejudice. This study uses a qualitative research in which the writer herself functions as the instrument. As the source of data, the writer includes Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. She also uses some references which are related to the discussion on the theme in Pride and Prejudice, and contributes her ideas and opinions that can be subjective in the analysis . After analyzing Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, the writer finds three results. First, the theme of this novel is pride and prejudice as human's faults can be defeated by better understanding, openness, respect and appreciation of a couple. Second, the writer finds that the title of Pride and Prejudice is related to its theme. At last, she decides that Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet as the main characters in Pride and Prejudice represent the theme. In other words, Fitzwilliam Darcy represents pride while Elizabeth Bennet represents prejudice. The basic elements supporting the finding on theme are characters, plot and setting. Besides those three elements, style which includes diction, imagery and syntax, and point of view can be used in finding the theme. Therefore, it is suggested that in analyzing the theme of a novel, style and point of view be included in the analysis of the theme to complement the fore-mentioned three elements by any students who are interested in conducting a similar study. The other kind of approach, extrinsic approach, makes the analysis of the theme better if it is included; therefore, it is suggested that the extrinsic approach be used to complete the intrinsic approach in analyzing the theme.

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