Strategies in the translation of PC Gamer Magazine articles from English to Indonesian

Wijaya, Ali Surya (2015) Strategies in the translation of PC Gamer Magazine articles from English to Indonesian. Undergraduate thesis, Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya.

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Many translators often ignore translation strategies which should be used for translating articles from English to Indonesia. This statement becomes the reason why this study is done. The purpose of this study is stated through this following question; What strategies are used by the translators of PC Gamer Magazine in translating the articles from English to Indonesian? This study found out there are only few translation strategies used by the translator in translating articles of PC Gamer Magazine from English to Indonesia. Here, the writer found out that three translation strategies (Transference, Omission, and Paraphrase) are often used because there are some reasons such as magazine publisher’s term and not enough space problems. From the data 549 converted into 100%, selected by the writer, the writer found out 156 (28.42%) data are translated using Transference, 69 (12.57%) data are translated using Omission, and 66 (12.02%) data are translated using Paraphrase. The reason of using these translation strategies are stated from the translator of PC Gamer Magazine that Transference is used for translating mostly the title and also the gaming jargon, Omission is used because there are not enough space (space is limited) and the translators need to omit some sentences or statement in the articles, and Paraphrase is used for combining the sentences that have same ideas and also for saving the space because the space is limited. Therefore, the study concludes that there are a number of translation strategies that can be used for translating articles in PC Gamer Magazine but only few strategies are mostly used by the translators. PC Gamer Magazine Indonesia is a good magazine for the readers in getting a lot of new vocabularies. The writer hopes that this study can be a good learning for the translators, for companies to select qualified translators and for the students who are taking translation subject to understand proper way to use translation strategies.

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