Penggunaan teknologi dalam intervensi keluarga

Sumargi, Agnes (2016) Penggunaan teknologi dalam intervensi keluarga. In: Psikologi dan Teknologi Informasi. Seri Sumbangan Pemikiran Psikologi Untuk Bangsa . Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia, Jakarta, pp. 1-15. ISBN 978-602-96634-4-0

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Parenting programs aims to support parents dealing with their child’s difficult behavior. Parents participating in parenting programs learn to implement effective strategies to develop good relationships with their child and manage child emotional and behavioural problems. Modern technology can be used to enhance the efficacy of parenting programs and increase parents’ engagement and participation in parenting programs. With technology, programs can be delivered according to parents’ preferences and needs. This paper describes various range of technologies used in parenting programs, the advantages of using technology in program delivery, and the efficacy of technology-based parenting programs. The examples of parenting programs that incorporates technology in their delivery are Triple P-Positive Parenting Program (in the format of television series: Families and Driving Mum and Dad Mad, and online program: Triple P Online and Triple-P Online Community), 1-2-3 Magic Effective Discipline for Children (videotape in DVD format), Parenting Wisely (video-based CD-ROM), and Parenting Toolkit (online program). The use of technology in program delivery supports parents who live in remote areas or who have practical barriers (i.e., having problems with transportation, child care, or conflicting work schedule) and emotional barriers (perceived social stigma, shame and embarrassment) to participating in parenting programs. With technology, parents can access and participate in parenting programs at any time with minimal cost. Research has shown that programs delivered via technology, such as television series and online program, are effective in reducing child emotional and behavioral problems, dysfunctional parenting practices, parental stress, as well as increasing parenting confidence. This delivery is time- and cost-effective. It can reach large population in limited time. It can also reach families from different backgrounds including those who are at risk and highly need for intervention. The use of technology in parenting programs multiplies the benefits of parenting programs and therefore, it should be considered as an important media for family intervention.

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